Finally!! The up-and-coming, young basketball superstars, and the every-day grinding ballers have a show that will highlight the sport they love to watch and the sport they love to play.

Basketball lovers know that this sport is the fastest growing sport across Canada (yep, even surpasses hockey) and the most popular sport across the GTA.

We are a group of professional journalists, writers, technicians, broadcasters and entrepreneurs who love this game. We wanted to create a show that was owned and operated by people who actually love the sport and represent the diversity of basketball. So, we created “Ballers’ Paradise Show.” Our show is embedded in the community. From tournament coverage, to player highlights, and insightful interviews, we do it all.

Our goal is to elevate basketball across York Region and the GTA and provide an avenue for high school ballers to be recognized for their talent and hard work.

Along with our TV. Show we plan tournaments, exposure camps and provide merchandise and products that promote basketball on all levels. Coming Soon….Player profile pages and Mix-tape production.

Ballers’ Paradise Show airs Friday nights at 7pm on Rogers TV. Our show highlight’s high school basketball from a uniquely Canadian perspective, covering tournaments, clinics, camps, coaches and players.

“Ballers’ Paradise… Where Ball Is..”

See you on the court.
BP Team

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Shernett Martin
(386) 333-1242

Leon Samuels
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David Grant
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